Is 2006 easier than 2003 ?

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I have been studying A+ for a couple of weeks now. I must say, compared to Network+ , I'm finding it a bit challenging. Most of the study materials I find , seem to be geared towards 2003. I have heard that the 2006 601+602 are an easier test (less material)but require a 700 pass. There is no way i can learn 800+ pages of material! After checking the objectives last night, i do feel more confident. It's funny that after building, fixing.configuring and purging virus' from many machines for friends and family, I thought A+ would be a joke. It seems to me that this certification is just to show you know how to do it the COMPTIA way. Forgive my rambling on, but has anyone seen or taken both tests?
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    No offense, but don't worry about something you'll never be able to test yourself.

    The difficulty or ease of the exam varies on the candidates experience and ability to read/understand the test prep materials....what one person considers difficult another will say it's a "walk in the park".

    Concentrate on the objectives and focus your efforts on your exams and doing your best. :)

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    Woah Woah Woah... 700 huh. I guess it's a good thing I refined my study habbits this time around to focus more on the domains and less on what I think I need to know :)
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