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Well, I was of the impression that I was prepared to take 70-270 sometime next week. However, after taking a twenty question practice exam over at (as reccomended by our webmaster), I'm not so sure anymore. Some of the questions were easy enough. But I was blindsided by a lot of the command line oriented questions. None of this stuff was covered in either my Sybex or Exam Cram2 books! Is this really what I should expect? Answers such as "SCHTASKS /CREATE /RU "" /SC WEEKLY /D FRI /TN RUNME /TR c:runme.bat /ST 18:00:00 "? Or "eventcreate /t information /id 998 /L application /d "The script has executed correctly" ? I'd love input from those who have experience the test. Thanks.


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    Although I haven't taken this exam, I can tell you from my experience with the other exams I've sat for.... command lines are a favorite area for Microsoft. So my first instinct is, yes, those are the types of questions/answers you can expect from MS.
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