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I am currently enrolled in an A+ course which I'm paying $1200 dollars for. I have a degree already in CIS but haven't found a job since graduating so I figured getting some certs would help me find something. I know my way around a PC - been using one since I was 7. After the first day of class the teacher pulled me over and was like maybe you should drop the class and take the test yourself since you know your stuff. I am enrolled in A+ and Net+ and the admin said he would transfer the money I paid to Net+ if I decide to quit and take the test on my own. Now, my problem really is that I've taken a few practice tests and depending on the program (transcender, totaltester, etc) the tests seem to focus on different things. For example, transcender had about 4 questions on SCSI and totalteser had 0. On totaltester I'm getting about 80% without studying what I don't know, but on transcender I got a 66% my first time. Basically, is the class worth it for someone like me? I really only don't know laser printers, scsi, and some windows 2000 stuff those seem to be the only topics I seem to be getting wrong. So, is it worth it to just quit the class and do it on my own (I have a book from the school), or should I stick it out and keep the class?

On a side note, how do the tests work? Are you allowed to bring notes or a book in with you?



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    I think the class would have been beneficial to you. The exam objectives include Windows 2000, Printers (inkjet, laser, plotter, etc...), SCSI, RAID, and so fourth. I am sure you have look at the objectives already, but here is the link - http://certification.comptia.org/resources/objectives.aspx .

    Transcender is very good as a studying tool for your A+. I found the type of questions you see in Transcender is reflective of what you will see on the examination. Sometimes you will find some obscure questions being asked in Transcender, but it is fair game.

    Think of the class this way - a great refresher. I have taken classes where I thought I knew everything, but ended up learning a bunch of new things. I would pick up a study guide from Amazon or something like Sybex to review.
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    AceMilo wrote:
    On a side note, how do the tests work? Are you allowed to bring notes or a book in with you?

    No. They will provide you with a whiteboard and marker which you have to return upon completion of the exam. Any more and they make you empty your pockets, so leave your cell phone, pens, papers, etc in your car. They may even make you leave your wallet in the locker. No bottled water, no candy. Nothing. They will also have a proctor keeping an eye on you or a camera. It varies from testing center to testing center, but they are really locking things down to prevent cheating.
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    AceMiloAceMilo Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the replies! I'm really torn tho. I really like the class, but I don't know if I'm going to be wasting my time / money. I've been leaning towards dropping the class, but matradley you really made me think. Any more info anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. I really need as much insight as possible because I have to make up my mind soon.

    Thanks again.
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    I passed both on 7/24. I took 2 weeks and read the Mike Meyers all-in one, took the practice tests. I also had the exam cram free guide. I worked as a PC tech as a side duty to my real job. If you feel confident and want to save that is the way to go. If you are a bit hesitant stay in the class. Good Luck!
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