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Well, I took the exam(s) (220-601 & 220-602) this afternoon and passed with very good scores!

The test is more situational than it is factual. All the practice tests I took were going over IRQ's, I/O Addresses, ATA-# Specs, etc. I had nothing like that on any of the 190 Questions.

I did my test through Pearson Vue, in Minnesota, so maybe the test would be different for some of you.

Anyway...For those who are studying for this test, I have to ask...Why do so many sites (including this one) not really cover the new version? They all seem to be covering the old system (i.e. Core and OS). Granted many of the topics overlap, but a lot of the older unneeded (from my point of view) stuff just does not matter anymore.

Well, I'm off to study for the Network+ exam (so much more interesting than A+...). This site is a great resource to those of us who are preparing for the many exams out there...Keep up the good work!


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