Trainsignal reviews?

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Considering purchasing some computer based training materials. I'm curious if anybody has used Trainsignal and how it compares to CBT Nuggets and some of the other vendors. I'm naturally hesitant based on the price. I love the price, but am concerned that by saving $100-200 I would be sacrificing quality. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Specifically interested in the CCNA material and possibly even the Net+. I feel like I can pass the Net+ without additional materials, but I'm considering watching a video series anyways just as a confidence builder.

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    My company bought the MS Trainsignal set and I've been very happy with them.

    As for comparison to cbt nuggets - not too sure really. I've had a quick look at their LPIC nuggets and they seem pretty good too.

    I'd say go for Trainsignal but that's from a limited point of comparison.
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    I've got both CCNP packages and I'd say that they're equally useful. The information is the same but it's presented differently - but not necessarily better or worse.
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    Paul Boz wrote:
    I've got both CCNP packages and I'd say that they're equally useful. The information is the same but it's presented differently - but not necessarily better or worse.

    I have some Train Signal material, and though I have always been an advocate for CBT Nuggets (and own 7 sets of their videos), I have to say Train Signal is on a par with them. For that matter, I can also say that the PrepLogic stuff I have is good too. So I think they are all worthwhile if you can afford them, not sure which one has the edge as they are all very good.
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    Like both CBTNuggets as well as Trainsignal....but I must say the Trainsignal stuff is REALLY cool!!! As well as helpful. It's completely worth investing in if you're still considering it!

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    I have them both as well, they are both good imo but different.

    cbtnuggets focuses more on teaching you the objectives and each video is dedicated to a specific objective

    trainsignal teaches the objectives but in a different way, you actually see them setup an environment and run through a simulated task that will cover the objectives

    cbtnuggets does this to but more in an informational and very detailed way where trainsigal is detailed but they just handle it different

    cbtnuggets are broken down by exam number, trainsignal is broken down by technology and not really by exam number

    both are great
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    I have the trainsignal MCSE series and I can tell you that it may not be what you want if what your after is test prep material. But if you're after learning and gaining working knowledge, it's probably the way to go. So far, I've gone through the Active Directory CBT's and found a lot of weaknesses in my home lab so it was really a learning experience. I'd imagine the CCNA CBT's (which I was going to pick up after Sec+ until the whole CCENT and CCNA update thing happened) are probably the same story.
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  • impelseimpelse Member Posts: 1,237 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I Got Train Signal CCNA and it is excelent.

    It helped me to pass the test and learned a lot.

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