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Can anyone help? I have loaded mandrake 9 on a cyrix system with 64 RAM, but the operating system does'nt load, I have an board graphics controller, could this be the problem? icon_rolleyes.gif
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    I don't really think this is a linux support forum, but whatever.
    Can you give us any details at all?
    Were there any kernel messages?
    Did your computer start smoking?
    Was your monitor off?
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    You could also look here
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    64Mb RAM may be a tad light for Mandrake 9 I would think. Most of the latest flavours of *nix are a bit more resource intensive compared to earlier versions. Usually that is because of all the Windows type GUIs that are now being used. Try to see if it will load text only ...
    The other thing - what is the Cyrix? I had a firewall with a Cyrix CPU and when I tried to install a newly compiled one based on a current kernel I had no joy at all.
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