what do yall think

wheelywheely Member Posts: 105
How many of yall think the CEH is worth getting since the new requirements have been established. How many of yall will take the test now that the new requirements have been established and which ECE points would yall do to recertify.


  • SieSie Member Posts: 1,195
    I dont think the credibility of the exam has changed much now you have to option ECE points, I believe it is still weighted the same as it was before if not slightly higher as it now takes dedicated / up to date people to hold the certification.

    As for the easiest way to get points?
    Passing the updated version of the exam of which the professional is certified
    120 points (Full credit)

    Is proberbly the easiest....?
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    I think it's worth it. And the new requirements aren't all that different from the Cisco stuff... you either continue your learning (in Cisco's case by obtaining higher level certs, in C|EH's case by obtaining credits) or else you have to retake the exam in 3 years.
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