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I bought the Jean Andrews A+ 2006 In-Depth book a few days ago. It's a good book so far. there is a question in it that does not seem right to me because i do not remember reading it. the question is about RAM. The question is: The smaller the speed rating is, the faster the chip. True/False. what is the correct answer. I thought the bigger the speed rating the faster the chip.


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    The answer is TRUE.


    Prior to SDRAM, speed was expressed in terms of nanoseconds (ns). This measured the amount of time it takes the module to deliver a data request.
    Therefore, the lower the nanosecond speed, the faster.
    Nowadays, SDRAM speed is measured in megahertz (MHz).
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    i understand the lower the nanosecond the faster it would be, but if its measured in megahertz wouldn't a 533MHz be faster than a 500 MHz. isn't MHz the speed? and if so wouldn't the higher the MHz the faster the chip.
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    Well, if you are talking about speed of the RAM, you must think in nanoseconds. How many nanoseconds it takes the module to deliver a data request.

    The thing is, people only talk about MHz, the Clock speed. The ability of the system bus to utilize fast RAM.

    Here it is a table that can guide you.


    Do not forget to think in RAM speed as nanoseconds.
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    thanks a lot. i got it now.
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    [Comment Rescinded]
    From Security+ book by Sybex:
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    I didn't see any sarcasm in that one. I thought it was a clean, good, straight answer
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    matradley wrote:
    Great answer... but we could've been a bit less sarcastic. ;)

    What is out-of-line with his comment? Looks like a pretty straight-forward, sincere reply.

    Not sure your comment was necessary...nevertheless...it's here.

    No further discussion about the 'who said' or how it was said is needed or I'll lock this thread.

    The original poster was satisfied with the answer. The answer was good. End of discussion.

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