Which Security Cert?

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Hey Guys,

I'm trying to pick a Security cert to start working on. I actually think my practical skills with InfoSec are pretty good overall, but I want to find something to compliment it. Here's what I'm thinking right now:

Security+ looks a bit too simple, and that I'm wasting my time a bit. I reckon I could have that passed in a few weeks if required - may be helpful, but not a real long term target.

CISSP - Possibly too management orientated and not quite as technical as I'd like. Also I don't have the experience to actually qualify to be a CISSP (Though I'm still tempted to study it anyway)

CCSP - Can't really afford the equipment, and I'm not sure I want to narrow on Cisco so much.

What are the others that are good? I want something which is fairly cheap to do (ie, don't need to take an expensive course, and there is sufficient reading material available to pass) but contains lots of practical knowledge. Or at least, as practical as possible.

I love security and have spent quite some time reverse engineering software (legally, for study) and am quite capable of coding exploits (buffer overflows, format strings, heap based overflows etc). Legally of course.

Right now I'm not looking to get Security certs to move into a Security position, though I do partially have my eyes on turning myself into an overpaid Security consultant in the future. So I want to hone my skills whilst picking up a valuable, respected, difficult certification whilst being able to learn plenty in the process. Without bankrupting myself ;)

A lot of the ethical hacker stuff looks great, but I'm not sure I could convince my company to send me on those courses (Since I'm a programmer, not an SA)

Is there anything which fits this category right now.....?


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