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i'm preparing for A+2006
until now i take the personel computer components course in the train signal A+ 2006 course
but i find it too easy, i compar it with the Mike Meyers' CompTIA A+ Guide
i found that i need to study more and more ; but meny people recommend the train signal training course because it's explain everything and in details

finally what would be the best selection of study material:book's and video course??


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    There is no absolute way to prepare, however the ideal candidate has at least 500 hours of (real) experience. Depending on ones study habits, books can be the sole method to prepare, but to be a more desirable employee....shoot for being multi-dimensional and not merely taking exams for the cert.
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    yes yes

    my study strategy is to study each domain separatly from different resources
    the problem that i find with mike meyer's book is that the book is not organized by domain

    for exemple i start with computer components domain in the train signal course
    after that i said let's take a look on the mike meyer book, i found that i need to study many things in different chapter i mean everyting is dipersed!!

    *in the a+2003 objective there was a sub-domain about IRQs, DMAs, I/O adresses......

    in the a+2006 there's not! is it mean that its not included anymore in the exam or
    we can find it somewhere in a short paragraph.

    *the ( e.g,PCI,AGP,PCIe,AMR,CNR) mean that there wont be another object in addition to those after the e.g ??? sound stupid ha!!!

    i mean that i need to know about every word in the exam objectif or there is more stuff to study?

    sorry for these question and also for my poor english (i'm from morocco)

    thank you plantwiz
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    wwpranmawwpranma Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 116
    That experience thing is soooooooo true. I took the 2003 test twice, and the hardware part I passed, because well, I've messed with the physical aspects enough time personally to know the difference between a serial and parallel port. Or how plug and play works, etc.

    But the OS wasn't my cup of tea. I studied and I studied, but I never "got" the material, and that's what lead to my downfall. The best thing anyone could do to pass this test is read through each domain very carefully. It doesn't matter how much reading you do, how much pretesting you take on. If you do not understand even one of the domains that they list off, you need to go back and rethink that domain.

    Something that has become humungously usefull to me in this whole process is actually going to a bunch of PC repair shops and asking the people that work at said shops about the things that I do not understand. In some cases they'll give you a simple awnser, and in some cases they'll even show you what they're talking about. All in all, your best bet is just to look through the domains, make sure you have a good understanding of each said item, and run with it.
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