Question Ambiguity

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Can anybody who has actually seen the test speak as to which practice exam(s) the real test most closely approximates in either substance or form(as in question ambiguity)?

I have the exam cram and I bought the tcat pdf, plus I've taken whatever free online sims I can find, but they all seem to have considerable differences in their handling of material and the ambiquity of the questions. For instance, the exam cram's prep logic sim has a question to the effect of "Kerberos uses two session keys" and states in the answer that this is a correct property. I would agrue that kerberos creates one session key and encrypts is using two different client keys, so I would say that such a statement is false. So my question is if the real test is as blantantly ambiguous as this?

I've read the posts complaining about the practical value of memorization and what-not, but I think that kind of comes with the territory. What encryption algorithm that Rijenal(or whoever) created is pretty clear cut even if it's not of much practical value.


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