Passed Project+ today

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Score was 700.

Resources used:

Sybex Project+ book: Basically good, although I don't think it covered 100% of the material. It also fails to stress how different this exam seems to be relative to other CompTIA exams. In my case I've only taken Network+ and i-Net+, but those two tests asked about straightforward facts, this one had a lot of "What would you do?" type questions.

Transcender practice test: Helpful, but doesn't cover 100% of the material either. The math questions on the Transcender exam are harder than those on the actual test. Still, it was helpful in learning to deal with the "What would you do?" questions.

In any case, the combination of the two resources above was adequate, although there were a few questions which had terms that tripped me up.

I didn't go back and check my answers when I was done with this exam, as I normally would. I didn't see the point in second guessing myself. The test didn't take very long, and since I showed up early, I left the testing center around the time I was scheduled to begin in the first place. "That was fun," the Prometric guy said to me.


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    good job man, project+ --> great achievement, in terms of being able to get a start in management.
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    I hope so... I'd like to do something other than pure IT eventually.
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    capy_12090 wrote:
    I hope so... I'd like to do something other than pure IT eventually.

    Congratulations! :D I hope you are able to utilize what you have learned.
    From Security+ book by Sybex:
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    First of all congrats on the pass and thanks for the feedback. My exam is sheduled for later this month. Like you said there wouldnt be much straight-forward questions on this exam. Project Management is all about best practices and therefore would contain scenario type questions.
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    W.I.P CCNA Cyber Ops
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    Hope all of your real scenarios finish on time, and under budget!
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    Congratulations !! angel.gifangel.gifangel.gif
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    Nice Job!
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    Congratulation! The Project+ was one of the more difficult exams for me with all the soft skills questions. I kept wanting to add option "E" tell to shut up and do their job. icon_biggrin.gif Good job in the pass.
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    I can't agree more.
    The exam felt like being the psychiatrist sometimes. ("Tell me: what seems to be the problem with your work schedule, dear DBA or are there problems at home?")
    No, option E is the way to go. ("Listen you punk: As a DBA you make $100k/yr, so what seems to be the problem?!!")

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