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icon_confused.gif: Is hwinfo actually a Windows 98 utility? Or is it a utility that can be used on Windows 98, huh?


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    Not Windows util.

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    It is a Windows tool... here's a piece that I wrote for some unfinished TechNotes:

    Microsoft Hardware Diagnostic tool, provides color-coded information to identify values or issues with hardware devices or software. The following colors are used in Hardware Diagnostic:

    Green - All keys from the registry
    Pink - File attributes information
    Dark Red - Configuration Manager information
    Bold Red - Error information
    Bold Blue - Warning information

    You can use the View menu to change how Hardware Diagnostic reports its information. Choose from the following view options:

    - All devices (default)
    - Current devices
    - Devices with problems
    - File verify
    - Resource summary

    To start Hardware Diagnostic, type the command: hwinfo /ui

    Use the Filter menu to filter out certain device class information.
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    Good info! Tnx Webmaster
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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