Recommendations for studying for this exam

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Ok, a little background. I've been managing 8 win2003 servers (wsus, 2 dcs, exchange, ms sql, terminal server, dhcp, dns,etc) for over 2 years. Prior to that my experience was in desktop admin for about 5 years. I took the class 2273A almost two years ago now. I have A+ and Net+.

I'm looking for recommendations on what i should do to study for the exam.

I would like to find some audio material to put on my ipod so i can listen to while running.

besides that---do you think i need a book? i've got the win 2003 admin's pocket consultant but that isn't test oriented. I've also still got the MS Course book.

I've taken some of the free tests online and I certainly do not feel ready for the exam, I didn't do very well on either.


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