70-270 exam - How many questions & duration of exam

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How long does a 70-270 exam go for and how many questions are there?


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    I usually hit Cramsession.com for this info. They typically list the format, # of questions, time limit, cost, and passing score for most exams. Unfortunately, for the exam you are asking about they do not list a number of questions, but do list a time limit of 150min. I've taken 070-210 (2k pro) and I would imagine it to be similar to that. 50-60 questions and again the 150 min time limit.
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    Unless, of course, you get an adaptive exam icon_wink.gif

    Typically the exams are anywhere from 50 to 65 questions - this largely depends on the exam format you get and how lucky you are on test day I suppose :D
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    Is the XP exam multiple choice?
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    Yes, and probably includes some drag-and-drop questions as well.
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    Want to see how the exam will work with drag and drop!!!


    I think its worth the download -
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    I agree. It's really helpful to learn how the exam app will look like. Knowing things like drag and drop, trees, etc. is helpful becuase you save time instead of spending 10 minutes on each question trying to figure out how the stuff works. :o

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