Determining a good score ?

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I passed the Core Hardware 220-221 yesterday. I was super anxious... Anyway...I really don't know how I did. Score was 899 - 20 questions.

Is there a way to determine how good that is ?'s too bad we don't get any feedback as to specific questions missed.

This is an excellent site...will be back for OS help. :D

Thanks to the webmaster for all your hard work !


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    Hi penniwel, welcome to the forums and thanks for the compliment ;)

    Congratulations on passing the exam, you did excellent, I'm not sure if the scale is 100-900 or 0-1000 but you did great anyway. :D

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    i thought the a+ exams were scored up to 1300. if so, as the pass is around 600 for both exams and some say they had 30 questions before finding out they had passed, to pass you must score an average of atleast 20 points per question.

    based on 1300 higest score and seemingly minimum of 20 questions by some to pass, each question could score up to 65 points.

    your score is not only dictated by the number of questions you get correct, but by the value of points, dictated by the difficulty of the question by comptia, for each question.

    the score at the end of an exam seems irrelevant, although i admit to feeling great scoring 1000+ in my core.
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    hey bellboy (great nick)...

    How many questions did you generate ?
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    to be honest, i don't remember if i counted or not. both my exams seemed to take approx fifteen minutes including the time it took to take the warm up exam beforehand and the survey afterwards.
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    I didn't get a warm-up practice. I'll continue
    this post under general discussion.....
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