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Can anyone please recommend a virtual lab setup for studying 70-290. I have a membership to TechNet direct and have access to computers.

I installed server 2003 as the host and xp as the client using Microsoft Virtual server. I don't mind paying for an alternative virtual product if responds better etc. The questions I have is with server 2003 being the host does anyone recommend any version of anti virus software that will work with server?

If anyone wants to recommend how I should setup the lab I do not mind starting over again.


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    It's like they say in woodworking, measure 3 times, cut once. Well, in networking, you have to design (and plan) 3 times the amount of time you spend on implementation, especially if you're building a lab, it's in your best interest to think, think again, and rethink what you are trying to do. Otherwise, you're just in for a big load of headaches.

    Before you start installing OSs and setting up machines for connectivity, think about how you want your lab to function, and how it will interfere (and if you're good, INTERCONNECT) with your existing home network.

    Once you have an idea of what it is you are trying to do, you can start to plan your components.

    In terms of a lab for MCSA/MCSE, most people here will tell you that you will need more than 1 server. Typically, that can be 1 physical server that is also running a virtual server. For your clients, you can simply get half-decent machine and run a couple of XP/Win2k virtual machines on them.

    For more details about Windows Server 2003, check out technet:
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