Currently studying for the above exam, reading the Sybex book.

Im quite a bit through the first few chapters, can anyone tell me in the actual exam, what percentages of the questions are "technical" based and how many are "business goal/management" based ?

Help appreciated as always
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    219 is a design format exam. You'll read a case study and answer approximately 10 questions on that case study. Personally, I find the design exams to be easier, but that could just be me. Poke around on MS's website... I'm sure they have a sample case for you to look at. If you can afford it, grab the Transcender for this exam to get a better feel of how the format is.
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    I do have transcenders, but I tend to only use them on the "lead up" to the exam itself.

    So far, it seems all business/management models and not technical ! I know W2k is suppose to fit the business and not the other way around but still...feels like im reading a pyramid scheme book !!
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    You need to understand the business models, before you can apply the proper AD model. Few of the questions directly involved the business model, but if you picked the wrong AD model because you didn't understand the business model, you are going to miss most of the questions for that case study.

    take a look at technet. chapter 9 & 10 of the deployment guide and the domain migration cookbook are really guide material for this exam.

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