Do I need network +

jbaellojbaello Member Posts: 1,192
I was wondering if I need to tackle the basic of networking Network+ before I dive in 70-291,

This are some of the subjects that I had when I was in College, I graduated in 2001 and sad to say I probably just remember less than 10 % of what I've studied.

1. Logic Circuits & Switching Theory
2. Computer Networks (Laboratory & Lecture)

As far as I remember our Computer Networks tackled that most basic of different types of topologies, cable types, connector types and the way data is transmitted full duplex half duplex, etc.

I've also had some experience setting up a Bus Topology back when we use coaxial cable and uses a terminator, and ofcourse what we all currently have Star Topology, aside from this my experience is just DHCP some basic of TCP-IP.

I need to know this because I want to really learn 70-291 not to just pass it, I wanna get out of it with all the knowledge that I can get.


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