Creating new user with dsadd

LEONJSLEONJS Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi, I noticed that when you create a new user with dsadd and you do not include the -upn switch the user is not automatically given a login id.

A account is created and you can specify -disabled no -pwd . . . -fn -ln -desc and everything else but with out using -upn and specificing what you actuallly want the login id to be you have to go and type it manually.

I am trying to prepare for anything i am tossed at on the exam, and noticed not many documents are clear on the -upn use.

It seems obvious that one would want to you would want to use it but perhaps microsoft thinks differently. Any thoughts are appreciated thanks.

Also is it mandatory to use -samid ? In a normal simple environment where things are simple I cant seem to think of a reason i should use it? Any thoughts are appreciated.



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