RAID and Disk Mgmt questions

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I'm using transcender to do my prac questions. I noticed there was a section dedicated for RAID and HDD volumes and another one for network security. I'd like to know which chapters in the MS Press 70-292 book covers RAID??? I know this exam has overlapping content but just curious to know if any one had any IPSEC related questions in the exam? I failed to see anything mentioned in the study notes about IPSEC? i'm referring to



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    Check here:

    The security portion of the exam will focus on permissions, least priveledge, SUS, and security templates. However, due to the nature of some of the questions you may need to know when IPSec might be a possible answer or when it would not. You won't be asked how to configure IPSec policies though.
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    Thanks for the reply. I presumed that was the case. What about RAID? Transcender has about 14 questions focussed on RAID and HDD controllers. i just want to know which chapter in the 70-292 book focusses on RAID.
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