To people who have gained their secruity +, a few questions.

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1. How did you find this course? What i mean is when reading the book was it relativley easy to understand?
2. Is there any experience required, for example would taking network + help as a starting point.
3. How long did it take you study for this exam?
4. What books/training guides would you recommend.

Basically im taking my network + at a training centre(already gained my A+) and when i finished that i was hoping to have gained secruity + afterwards, the only porblem is with that is time. As soon as i have completed network + im scheduled to start MCSA about a month afterwards and i was wondering if this would be enough time to study(the month in-between net + and MCSA)? Keeping in mind that my training company do not offer this course and i would be basically training myself, im just a little worried that i would be way in over my head.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

edit: Ok i did some research and i have decided to go for this when i have completed my MCSA and have a steady job, i read some reviews on the exam and there were people failing even with work experience, so yeah lol i think im defiantely in way over my head.


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    I guess I can comment here.

    Even though I failed this exam twice I have been tutoring a few students and both who sat the exam passed with respectable scores so I guess I have a reasonable handle on it.
    Security+ is unlike any other Comptia exam, in that the required % to pass is 764 on a 100/900 scale - that makes it around 80 odd % give or take. Coupled with the high score needed is the ambiguity of many of the questions. Knowing the answers is not enough on its own, but you need to be able to decipher Comptias requirements.
    I would definitely recommend that anyone looking at this exam have at least a year or so in the industry with a good doseage of security involved.
    FIM website of the year 2007
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