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hi everyone, just wondering if anyone had experience working for geek squad and what are they like to work for as they have just moved into my area, i i have applied for a position.

thanks in advance

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    Check this out seems that opinions are mixed on the geek squad.
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    thanks for the input icon_cool.gif
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    There's a lot of whining about the job which has nothing to do with you.. High prices, bad employees, bad manages, whatever else bullshit.. Only thing (most likely) about Geek Squad that affects you is that you're going to be expected to sell. Up-sell I mean.. someone sells a customer a computer, you sell them more stuff (services, or whatever the salesman didn't sell them). It's not a fix computers all day job, at all. Sooner or later you'll have to work with customers bringing in computers too, most of which won't be happy or pleasurable to deal with.

    If you get in a good Geek Squad with decent managers and people, and you don't mind selling, it's not a bad job. As far as gaining IT experience with Geek Squad.. I have no idea.
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    I'm mixed on the Geek Squad. I feel that no matter which job, if you want to look at it negatively, you may do so and find many things about it that you don't like. I know there are some aspects of Geek squad that aren't the best, but it could be a great start for someone with little experience. Thats the way I would look at it, most people working there only want to work there for a year or two, then move on.
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    thanks for all your advice and thoughts guys, its helped a lot :D
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    I actually had an interview with them today. Was very easy, asked me some basic questions asked when I was available and that their GM is going to contact me to have another interview. I still (luckily) have some other options I'm looking into so I hope any one of these works out.
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    I personally have worked for GeekSquad and prior to that as an In-Store Technician with BestBuy, prior to the purchase of GS.

    The statements that you are expected to sell are absolutely true. Everything comes down to sales. If you're working the counter in the stores, what they use to call "Counter Ops", then the majority of your time is spent doing the same basic things, setups/virus removal/spyware removal/install of hardware, if you are a "Double Agent" (the ones that drive around) you get a wider range of what you'll be doing.

    You get alot of experience working with customers, over time you'll learn patience.
    You will be exposed to new technology at a fairly rapid rate
    Given enough time you'll get to see many different situations, people's kids putting things in the PC, a ton of spyware, virus, etc

    You're working in a retail setting, you'll be dealing with the public
    Very minimal insight into the corporate world of PCs
    Minimal experience with Server/Client networking

    All in all, it was a good experience for me, it was the foundation that got me where I am. Would I do it again? Not likely, I pretty much hate dealing with the public. ;)

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    It probably isn't a bad first job, as long as you realzie that you're basically the IT equivalent of a fry chef. My first "IT" job was in a small PC-building/repair store that basically had the same expectations (fix PCs and sell crap to people that they usually didn't need). I couldn't stand being a glorified retail worker and only lasted 3 months there. However, the next summer I got a helpdesk job in a corporate environment, and the fact that I had *some* experience (albeit very litte) helped get me that job. I worked for that company for my last 2 years of college, and it eventually lead to a promotion to system administrator. I've moved on to bigger and better things now that I have a CS degree, but everyone has to start somewhere.

    I don't think my conscience could ever let me work for the evil empire that is Best Buy, but I'm sure I would go that route if I had no other alternatives. Nonetheless, I would recommend getting out of there once you get enough experience.
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