Just passed 70-299... and now MCSA!

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Hi Everyone,

Just took the exam about an hour ago and passed with a 828! Felt pretty good going into the exam. I used the MS Press Book, Transcenders, and this site as study material. I personally think that the practice exams within Transcenders are much harder than compared to on the actual exam, which i guess is a good thing.

30 questions and 1hr 30mins. Questions were fair and some had obvious answers that were popping out on the screen. icon_eek.gif

Probably look into Security+ for my specialization as I am waiting for the new study material to come out for the NEW CCNA exam. I'll be sure to check out the forum for Sec+ after a no-pressure weekend!

Thanks for everyone's input!



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    Congrats. ;)
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    congrats :D
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    Congrats!!! Well done


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