Passed both OS and Hardware Today (XP Info)

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(first time)

A+ OS passing score 505 I got 534

A+ HW passing score 515 I got 552

I used Michael Meyers All in One certification guide and random notes/ handout materials from my advanced computer repair class 2 years ago. One thing I want to say is that the ALl in One Book is a good book. Trust me if you read it thorougly you will understand the concept of everything. For example if you get a question on the test you can eliminate certain choices and still guess the right one. Just DOnt start Reading the book 3 days before the test like I did ( I took a windows 2000 class for my MCSE class last semester so you can say I have above average knowledge of Windows 2000 professional. Anything that I didn't study for I just rememered it from mY MCSE class where you basically have to remember every minute little detail about win 2000 pro)).

XP Info*

Im not sure about anyone else but I did not really see alot of XP questions. I mean they used the XP OS as an example in alot of problems but you could still pass it if you know Win 2000. I would suggest learning alot of the 32bit (I might be explaining this wrong) command line functions for installing WIn 2000 and XP and extra switches . They repeatly threw out these questions at me. No dos? ha. I gotta alot of DOS!maybe not 1999 dos...more like 2003 DOS icon_confused.gif I was terrified because I was studying the actual visual aspects of XP such as the location of of different applets but i think I just got one question on that and it was the same as 2000.

when i say alot of 2003 dos i mean certain command line functions like winnt and winnt 32 (these are easy) and other wierd looking one word commands.I have never seen them in regular DOS or Win 2000. XP (i think) has some switches and commands otuside of all current OS and I think once new certification books come out they will be covered.

Oh yeah...know your wireless! icon_mad.gif


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