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I am working through the "TestOut" course at the moment. In addition to this engine, is it advisable to use other resources/test systems, or once consistently answering 95% in the examples exams at the end of the course would it be regarded sufficient to pass the REAL exam.

Also does anyone know how many questions are in the real exam and how the 700? test mark is determined (ie. are a specific number of marks given for each correct answer etc.??).



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    I would be sure to check out the Technotes on this website. I would, even, venture out to take Transcender tests as another resource.

    Now, the exam has 58 questions - 8 of which, at random, are not marked. The passing mark is 700/1000 and each question has a different weighting so it is not possible to discuss how questions are graded. Microsoft and many other organizations do this to protect their exam.
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