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On thursay i got a white envelope a little bend. I opened it , inside there was some papers ,Cert....Card and Certificate! the problem is they misspelled my name in both CERT.. CARD and CERT... I e-mail comptia but did not get any answer..and also e-mail Vue ,they said that they will give me a new A+OS score report in a couple of days by e-mail. Can u help about Concerning to whom I must contact at comptia and in which section of his website must i go.


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    Thats not uncommon. Usually a screw up by the testing centre. When I got my A+ they asked me to wait until my Net+ arrived too - yup that needed replacing as well so they did it in one hit.

    I think there was a link on my congrats email that I used. They were very prompt in sorting it.
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    happened me too. i did a+ via prometric and did network+ via vue.

    somehow my vue details got messed up when registering and my network+ cert has my name wrong too. calls and emails with vue and comptia eventually got the two comptia identities merged, but nobody took responsibility for the name blunder.

    it's unlikely that i will display the certs anyway (as the brand names people know in computing are basically just microsoft, pentium and dell). the only certs i will display for the public will be any m$ certs i get.
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    I remember suffering from the same dilema when I took my first examination. Good tips are 1)using the same testing center provider 2)always mentioning you took an exam before. It really helps.
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    I always use the same testing center (Prometric) and all the information the have on me for each exam--including the full and correct spelling of my name--comes from the exam application form I fill out on Prometric's web site.

    If seems as if they can't possibly get any information wrong unless I enter it incorrectly on their web form. Maybe there's a "human link" somewhere in their chain that must manually transcribe the information from form to another and that's where the typos occur. How error-prone and inefficient!
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    finally they e-mail me back,they tell me to scan or fax my national ID card .that's what i done, and they told me they will reissue me another certification kit in a few weeks.
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