Does MCDST carry any weight

I am at the point of choosing my elective for the MCSE . It's down to MCDST and the Network +
certs. I dont think I will have a problem passing either one. I just want to hear some ideas for and against either one


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    I would do a search on dice or monster for the type of job you have/desire and see which certification comes up as a requirement the most.
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    In that case it would be network + because i have seen some job postings that reference the mcdst but not as much as for network +. i have been skimming through net + books in preparation for 70-291 thats when the idea about mcdst vs net + came up.

    i deal with mcdst stuff more everyday at work but i want to eventually get into networking like everyone else these days
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    Do you already have A+? Net+ by itself does not count as an elective you have to have A+ and Network+. Also, A+ and Net+ only count as an elective for MCSA not MCSE of course MCDST is the same way. I would recommend doing A+ and Network+ and then MCDST. MCDST does hold some weight along with A+ if you are applying for Desktop Support type jobs.
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    The MCDST does not count as an elective for the MCSE. It does count as an elective for the MCSA.
    I have the old A+ from back back in 2000 or was it 1999 anyway its the old one. Right now I am just trying to get the mcsa out the way for resume purposes and finish the rest of the mcse later
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    Since you already have A+ then go for Network+ then MCSA 2003. After that since you are going for MCSE later you may want to check out Security+ as it counts as an elective for MCSE. Good Luck!
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