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Has anyone had success converting cbt nuggets to play on a video Ipod? I purchased the full version of QuickTime and I still can not get it to play. Does anyone use there Ipod to prepare for tests? I found some free pod casts and downloaded an audio book ($12)


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    I thought you needed WMP and the techsmith codec to play them.
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    I remember using techsmith but I think that is with learn key. WMP might be key because the insignia player I have will play them. The difference is the screen size. It does not seem like it will make a difference but if you watch a movie on the insignia player you have to really focus on it where the ipod is much easier on the eyes.
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    I was able to put some on my Creative Zen Vision M (which I think is better than the ipod video). It had to be converted but Creative has a conversion program built in. The video and audio quality are fine but some of the text on the computer screen in the videos look a little small and hard to read probably due to it being 800x600.
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  • tonydotigrtonydotigr Member Posts: 129
    You could probably easily convert videos from the TestOut series ... you might not even need to convert?
  • StoticStotic Member Posts: 248
    I've put CBT Nuggets on my ipod before. It doesn't look good because of the use of black marker. The words look blurry. But if you want to give it a shot, just simply find the video itself on the CD and convert it in a ipod friendly format with http://www.snapfiles.com/get/jodixipodvideo.html

    Then just add it like any other video to your ipod.
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