Vlan Hopping Double-Tagged

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Dear Friends
I wish u r all in very good health ...... I wish u could help me to understand a topic in switch security .... In vlan Hopping Double-Tagged attack , can u please explain why this method only works if the trunk has the same native vlan as the attacker ????

I seached tooo much in the internet, but i couldn't get the idea

Please explain in details ...

Thanks in advance ....


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    It only works if the native VLAN of the trunk is the same as the VLAN of the attacker, the reason this is ture is that if the attacker's VLAN was VLAN 10, and the trunk used VLAN 20 as native then when the attacker sends a double tagged frame and it hits the trunk the trunk would add a third tag for vlan 20. That would defeat the idea of VLAN hoppinh because the frame would still be tagged/untagged by te trunk.
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    Thanks tooo much
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