Problem with Pearson VUE?

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Hi everyone,

I have not been on for a while, as I have been studying my brains out. I scheduled to take my exam next month, and I looked again at my confirmation email for inspiration, when something really odd caught my eye:

Appointment Length (minutes): 110

Time extension for non-native English speaker living in non-English-speaking country.

Adjustments: 30
Total Session Length with adjustment (in minutes): 140

Now, I live in Singapore, but I am a NATIVE speaker of English ( I am from the USA for crying out loud ). This is my first time using VUE because I was with Prometric before. Does anyone know if it says this on all the confirmation emails from VUE or what? I am contacting VUE ASAP Monday to see if this is a mistake, because I don't want 30 minutes extra if I am not supposed to have them. Hell, I will cancel the exam all together if this isn't right. Has anyone seen this with Pearson VUE before?


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    Yep i've seen it when i did my ccna, i got the extra 30 mins when i was in a foreign country, this happened with Prometric for me and never with Vue.The important thing is knowing the info, i dont see why you are concerned with the time.In my opinion the exams should be an extra 30 mins at least, why do you feel you are cheating by getting extra time? Its the good guys who need the extra time wheras the cowboys can finish in under an hour.
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    Thanks for the info Ed.

    I just wanted to get what I am supposed to get. I won't even need the extra time because you either know this or you don't. I no better than to sit on one question more that a few minutes.

    Yes, maybe it is because I am in a "foreign" country, so they just give everyone here the 30 mins. I will see what Pearson's reply is though.
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    EdTheLad wrote:
    Its the good guys who need the extra time wheras the cowboys can finish in under an hour.

    Yee haw!!

    I laughed at that comment :)
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