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Does anyone know if there are simulations on the CCDA exam?


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    If you mean like the CCNA sims where you need to actually configure or troubleshoot, then no, there are no sims (at least not on my exam)
    You'll find mostly multiple choice and drag/drop type questions.
    hope this helps...
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    I've heard from quite a few people that they didn't have any sims on their exams, (but I don't know how reliable some of my geeky friends are). However, the Cisco partner site does not have any lab-sims for the CCDA exam, the way they do for CCNA, CCNP, etc. That's probably a pretty big tip-off that there won't be any sims on the test. And besides, the study material I've seen for CCDA seems to point towards a theory-heavy road, rather than hands-on type of stuff.

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