Quick question regarding mst

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Is anyone working on, or have worked on a layer 2 network with MST with the root-bridge being
a switch outside the mst. I've been playing around with this getting stange results only to be told by afew of my ccie colleagues that the is a huge NO!! NO!! .Some Cisco docs i have mention it, describe how it should function, but in the end it doesnt work as they suggest.
Over the last few days i was considering putting mst up in number one place for difficulty in regards ccie, but with these new developments i.e. root bridge always being the IST master it have slipped down out of the top ten.
So just to be sure i'm not going to encounter this headache in the future, i'd like to hear if anyone has seen the setup in the field.
Networking, sometimes i love it, mostly i hate it.Its all about the $$$$


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