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I have been looking for a job for quite some time now, I am currently waiting for a call back this friday to setup an interview time. Seeing how I have had no luck so far with as getting a new job, I am looking at making a few minor tweaks. In the past year or so I would have to say that I have been to oh.. maybe 8-9 different interviews, Out of those I have only called back for a 2nd interview twice. Each time asking for my references and getting the speech, "we'll call you next week" the call never comes, and the position is now filled.

My references that I have are from some jobs that I had 3+ years ago, I haven’t really kept in touch with my references. I am looking to change that now.

Long story short, in my job right now, I am contracted out to a school board, i am network analyst of 1 highschool, & 4 Elem schools, all with there own 2003 server. In sept when school starts back up, I was thinking of asking the IT teacher of the HS, and a principal of ES to be used as references, I know that they having nothing but great things to say about me, and have already praised my skill set and work ethic publicly to my boss. (unfortunately my boss to just blew it off) Is there any problems with using a teacher & principal as references? Most ppl use they're supervisor or they're co-workers, the thing is that I am more or less isolated from co-workers, because of my area, and I hardly ever see my supervisor.
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    I don't think using a teacher or principal would be a bad thing at all. It seems like a good idea if they know how you work and will say good things about you.
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    It bothers me a bit that some of the places I worked in the past have had a change in management or their office moved to another location, shut down, those references then disappear and I don't have prove that I did worked there. One reference I had even got married and moved to Canada. Also some places will ask you only for professional or manager-type I don't know if teacher or principals would count. I'm not sure.

    At my last job interview with Robert Half technologies I mentioned that some of my work experience was volunteer and that I wasn't paid, and that interviewer then marked them off...not considering them to be actual experience. That seemed pretty silly. :/

    So if I worked for myself and drove around repaired PCs at homes...that wouldn't be considered work experience? icon_sad.gif

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