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so im finishing up a 2 year degree in CIS and will also be getting microsoft certified this semester (going for the mcsa/mcse, and ive got the ccna). im happy with the direction im taking (enjoy what im learning), but im wondering if i might start taking some programming courses as well. how is programming as a career direction? is there any better money out there for a programmer than for an administrator or network technician? or would this at least "round out" my skills and make me more marketable? anyone worked in these fields who can compare/contrast these fields?


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    programming is were the money is.. (imho).. Even look at the higher paying microsoft certs, they are pretty much programming involved.
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    I certainly agree with pandimus, there's a lot of cash in programming. Nevertheless, it certainly isn't as good as it was. I've worked in the field for about 3 years, and believe it or not, it was a lot better back in the early days of my career.

    Seems like a lot of people are emerging from nowhere with certs and degrees but no knowledge. Eventually, they end up in a quagmire, but whilst they go about looking for jobs, we're getting threats from our employers that they'll hire them for less if we don't give in. We usually ignore their threats, but sooner or later, we'll bow to the pressure.

    But all in all, you're looking at some decent cash in the programming industry whatever the situation might be.

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    thanks for the feedback.
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