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I am taking Network + on Tuesday. As a result, I am trying to decide my next class to take. I happened upon Convergence +. It's prerequisite is Network +. My job has also moved all of our voice systems to VOIP. I see this as a great next step, to give a good base of understanding IT technology. After all, it's not just data anymore. Looks like a 3 day class, as defined by COMPTIA.

I am NOT finding anything in the way of training, nor did I see anything on this website. Any feedback? Anyone else know about this?

Thanks for your advise!


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    I looked into this a few months ago. I may be involved in some VoIP installs in the future and that this exam would be a good one to learn about the concepts. The only book I found was the one on the CompTIA website.

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    The lack of study material from known websites is mostly because there are too many other certs that are popular to cover. I've also seen little effort from CompTIA to market Convergence+, which may be just because I'm not looking in the right place but I doubt it has much value on a resume. It's a specialistic area for which CompTIA certs don't hold enough weight to actually get you a relevant job.

    And if it's just or mainly for VoIP then you're probably better of with a Cisco cert. Studying for and passing a single CCVP will give you more relevant knowledge and will probably look better in the eyes of an employer.
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