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Okay so i'm kind of wanting to get into linux administration...I know some basics but i'm wondering if theres a good book out there. I'd really like to learn how to setup and run dns, mysql, apache, php, manage accounts, stuff like that.

any good books out there?

Fantastic. The project manager is inspired.

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    Did you check out the tech notes here?

    There are a bunch of good linux books out there, some general and some distro-specific. There are so many I have and like that I would have a hard time recommending one or two. Mark Sobell is a good linux author, and I just picked up the Fedora 7 and RHEL Bible by Wiley publishing.
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    If your interested in administration via Linux and you want to learn how to setup a server quicky

    Then download the package called Webmin.

    Basically it's a administration program from setting up servers but it comes with a GUI so it makes life a hell of alot easier.

    Heres a ebook which will show you the ins and outs of this utility. 02/book-of-webmin-or-how-i-learned-to-stop.html

    After downloading the package you should be able to get a BIND, FTP, Mail, Apache, SQL, server up and running without to much difficulty.

    Enjoy and I hope this helps
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    Ok the link to the Webmin book is playing up

    The name of the title of the book is

    The Book of Webmin: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love UNIX

    by Joe Cooper

    hope this helps!
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    Interesting, I'll have to read it a bit later and see what it covers. Is it about learning Linux or is it about learning this program?

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    It's a system configuration tool for Unix like systems Largely Based on Perl it's emphasis is basically to eliminate the hassle of administrating a server environment.

    Essentially it's a GUI which you access via HTTP from your locally system or remotley if you configure it properly. Once you have the GUI up and running you can add more modules to the defalult GUI i.e Apache, Bind, FTP,

    Basically by using Webmin you can quickly tell your system to handle DNS, FTP, MAIL etc

    And by installing extra moudles it's pretty expandable so if you want to setup a server without the hassle then this is the way to go.

    If your new to Linux administration Webmin along with the Ebook is a great way of getting a server up and running.

    To anwser you question regarding learning Linux?

    Essentially it's a guide to Webmin but during the reading process you will probally be introduced to concepts and jargon and how to's which can be applied to the LINUX / UNIX environment.

    Have fun!
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