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I have 6 years of expirence with a wide variety of systems from AT to ATX 2.

I have the Trainsignal A+ 2006 and made 87% of "2006 Essentials", 90% on "2006 Electives", and 88% on "A+ Exam", which I assume is the 2003 version.

Some things bug me....

One question that says "The technology that uses 2 128kbps lines for internet connectivity is"

I answered ISDN, but it says DSL, how is that correct? ISDN B channels can be combined to provide 128kbps duplexed

"high speed phone service for internet is also known as?" I would say, VOIP (which wasn't a possible answer). Cause "phone service" implies it's phone service over the internet. But the answer is DSL, which is actually Internet service over phone lines.

Another one says "Your pc booted fine yesterday, but today it will *not boot into windows*. Assuming that the pc is running windows xp professional, which system utility can you use to return the system to the same state that it was yesterday. The correct answer is "system configuration utility"...but you can't get to that if windows won't boot to explorer, right???

You are building a system using a multiplier of 5 and pc3200 ram, the cpu you are using is running at: Answer according to them is 2ghz, when the real answer is 1ghz (which wasn't an option, which is why I figured they were calculating it wrong). They're calculating using the effective speed, 400mhz, and the speed to be used is the real speed, 200mhz

"what protocol does incoming email use?". They list IMAP and Pop3 (with 2 other answers) and according to them, the answer is Pop3, not both IMAP and pop3. How can imap not be seen as incoming email? I Know it only downloads the headers, but it's still "Incoming email".

one thing I notice is a number of questions about Rambus in the 2006 exam, which I have personally never ran into, I mean, they aren't used very much, DDR/2 is 95%+ of the market.

general beep codes? you're kidding me, there's so many different manufacturer beep codes, this might lead non experienced techs to believe there's some standard for all bios manufacturers codes

Is the real exam like this? Are these just general questions that cover some of the topics of the 2006 exam?


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    Personally I think you are too worried! Sounds like you can take the test pass and move on
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    Kenny is right, just go take the test. You will pass with flying colors.
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    wwpranmawwpranma Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 116
    I found out the hard way that alot of these great lil "Pre-tests", do not test you on the knowledge you honestly would need to know in the first place. Common sense knowledge of practical application as well as good resource material packed along side personal experience is all you really need to know for this test.
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