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K I am not actually taking the test I just had a general question for windows 2000 server

I have a server that I use as a DHCP to clients, and is a router/gateway with NAT for the Internet.

What I need to do is have it so that when the clients do a network boot, it loads a "menu' (a batch file I have) after getting an IP.

My question is, where do I place this file on my server so that it loads onto the client when they network boot?

thank you in advance


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    Is this like a login script, or is it supposed to happen before Windows loads? If it has to happen before Windows loads, you might need to run bootp on the clients with a dos packet driver or ndis driver for whatever network card your clients have installed.

    Can you explain a little more what it is you want to accomplish, because I'm not sure I fully understand your setup enough to offer any advice.
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    sorry for not giving enough information

    I am replacing a server at work, and need it to do the same tasks.

    Currently, if you do a network boot (PXE), you would get a loading DHCP screen, then a small menu that we have created would load. This menu had various options that would load different things such as Power Quest drive image. The menu is already made I will just copy over, I just don't know what needs to be done or where those scripts need to be placed so that a network boot will find them and load them.
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    so yes this is before windows loads, actually there is no OS on the clients to start with.
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    I'm not really sure either, but I do understand what you are asking. Where is the file currently located, on the server you are replacing? Try looking under your DHCP server's scope options and see if it has a something in there. Maybe option 067?
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