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Guys I need a little sincere advice, I am doing I am 4 year deg. course in computers.My course in ending in next year around June.I just cleared CCNA with a score of 961 now since only few months left for my course ending I want to have one more certification so I am pretty much confused about which security certification should I opt for(I didn't have any working experience).Is it Security+ or CCSP.Since I didn't have much money I can finance only one certification at present.Pls guide me which one should I go for(Security+ or CCSP) and which one will make my resume more impressive.
Well I am a little inclined towards Security+ certification as it is a single exam and passing it will get me a certificate, however in case CCSP I have to face atleast 2 exam (of which 642-501 SECUR is a must) , to get Qualified Specialist Title and that much time I didn't have.
One more thing which is best book for Security+ , I have managed a ebook i.e Que's Security+ Exam Cram ,but I never feel comfortable with ebooks so please suggest me which other book sholud i buy(What about Sybex Security+ book ?? ).



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    have you read the posts in the security+ forum here? i think i remember that tcat has a good book.
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    There really is no comparison between the Security+ Exam/Qualification and a CCSP. CCSP is "FIVE" exams and Security+ just "ONE". So if you cannot finance more than one exam then it better be Security+.

    Security+ is also the base or starter qualification and if you have not got a history of security related topics and experience then leave the CCSP until you have or at least have read around for a good while yet. It is unlikely that you would pass the qualification without hands-on and plenty of PIX Firewall esperience as well.

    AS to the best source, T-Cat is a good start and the following book ISBN:1931836728 by Robert J. Shimonski is pretty good as well. The Exam Cram 2 is not far off as well but lacks the detail of the former, it is after all a cram. Hope that helps.
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