QOS question for VOIP (ONT) help required

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can someone explains the answer to me for the below question

Need to implement the proper IOS tools to ensure that VOIP works over the network. Which queuing and compression mechanisms are needed to effectively use the available bandwidth.

A. Priority Queing (PQ) or Custom Queuing
B. Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) header compression
C. Low Latency Queuing.
D. Class-Based Weighted fair queuing(CBWFQ)
E. TCP header compression
F. UDP header compression

Ans. D,E

but as per me answer is B and C


B) with VOIP RTP header compression we can reduce the size of the voice packet and effectively utilize the Bandwidth

C) as LLQ is the queuing method which help in providing guaranteed bandwidth and not starving other kind of data.

can someone share tyour thoughts and the correct a answer or can correct me if i am wrong.

I have only 2 days to go for the exam


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    if you have multiple traffic to be classify/deliver then you need CBWFQ.
    LLQ doesnt provide BW guarantee - instead its only to make sure that you dont have a long queue.
    i'm sorry cant put the output here.
    what VOIP protocol you are using will determine the compression method like H323 and SIP will use TCP.

    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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