How does the CompTIA exam compare to the practice exam?

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Hi all.

I took the practice exam and got an 80% on my first attempt with a few stupid mistakes mixed in to drive the score down.

How does the challenge level of the practice exam on the website compare to what I'd see in taking the real deal?


  • Special_k21Special_k21 Member Posts: 155
    I wanted until I was getting a soldid 85% - 90% on any practice exam I took before I went out and took the real deal!
    As far as realization goes, this site is excellent for covering the objectives on the exam. All I can say is take as many practice tests as you can find and be confident! Going in with a positive attitude will get you far!
    Good Luck and Have fun!
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    all practice exams are good experience. aim for over 70% in any exam you take for the first time, and for those that you do more frequently, keep raising the accepted score. some of the practice exams you take regularly should expect a 100% score ;)
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    There are a lot of practice exams available, use several of them and compare. When you can consistently score over 85% on tests that you have not taken before then you are exam ready. icon_cool.gif
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