VERY IMPORTANT-Help need on CompTIA Project+

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Dear Freinds,
Could you pls tell me as to how to go abt CompTIA Project+ Certification.I have a few queries, which are as follows To begin with CompTIA Project+, CompTIA IT Project+,CompTIA IT Project+(2003 objectives),are these 3 the same?.

Could you please guide me as to how to go about the certification and the training associated with it.Could you please share all the information related to its pre-requisties,criteria,training and exam fees,difficulty level,study,pass-rate,material,centres for taking the exams/training,its advantages etc etc.
Also how is the exam administered, online is it?
Also is prior training really needed to pass the exam
What is the official study guide, its name.

I am working on a shoestring budget,just finished my masters which took in alot of money, so all the help from ur end would be highly appreciated.Also please share all the study guides,sample exams,questions,material with me.I really want to clear CompTIA
Project+ exam.
Pls get in touch at [email protected]

Thank You
Kind Regards


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    I'm suprised no one has answers to your post. I don't know the specific answers to your many questions. But I can tell you that your questions can be answered by Comptia. If you can't find your answers on their website, then give them a call. Also, there's a lot of great info on this site, with links to other sites if needed.

    Good luck!
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    Dear REID8968,
    Thank you for the feedback.I did mail comptia but the information regarding study materials was not adequate enough.
    Yes i did go thru this forum,but practice exams and tech notes for Project+ are not available so thats the reason for this particular post of mine.
    I am hoping my forum-mates will help me in clearing this exam
    Please folks respond
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