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Taking the essentials soon... any tips been using Sybex A+ Compltete along with CBTs. Thanks


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    Have you downloaded the objectives?

    What sort of experience do you have?

    I'd suggest reviewing the objectives and see how comfortable you are with those topics, review your books and go for it!
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    Tuliptish wrote:
    Taking the essentials soon... any tips been using Sybex A+ Compltete along with CBTs. Thanks

    You indicated that you are using a book and CBTs, might I also suggest that you investigate obtaining at least one exam prep software/book. These can be an invaluable tool in preparing for any technical exam. One key is to use them properly. You can use them as a learning tool first. Most of the prep software has a “study” mode that allows you to see the answer immediately after you have answered it. Often times with an explanation as to why the answer is correct and sometimes with a reference to source material. One key to using the software in this way is not to memorize the answers themselves. It isn’t too likely that the exact question will appear, but rather to learn why the correct answer is correct and why the other answers were not. This will give you much more information and prepare you far better than simply memorizing answers.

    Several days prior to taking the actual exam, switch to taking the prep software in “exam” mode. You should configure this to use the same number of questions and time for the exam you are preparing for. You should then take the exam so you consistently earn above a 90%.

    There are several software exam preparation program vendors available, a few are:

    There are also several books with questions and answers for the various exams.
    CompTIA A+ 2006 Q&A (~$13.59)
    CompTIA A+ Exam Cram (~$29.69)
    CompTIA A+ Complete Fast Pass (~$19.79)

    Regardless of whether you use software or books, get yourself in the testing frame of mind with some type of question/answer preparation. It will help you prepare and let you know if you are ready for the real thing.

    Best of luck taking your exams.
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