2nd time seems to be the trick for this test.

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Passed 291 with a 720 on the second attempt. First try was a 615, its funny how high those result bars fly up with another 105 points on your score.

Lots of DNS, WSUS, RRAS, with a little DHCP and 270-290 thrown into the mix. My feeling is that you really need to know DNS outside of just whats written on paper to do well on this class. There are so many little options that make you stare at the screen and go uhhh. So first hand knowledge of DNS would probably be the deal breaker for this test as there are many niche questions on things that you would normally overlook due to the amount of information tested on. Anyway thats my 2 cents. Tech exams has been a fairly helpful place to drop in and use the forum as a resource for information. Thanks guys.


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    Congrats! When I took it I wasn't ready for the WSUS, nor had I taken 20-290 so I felt VERY lucky that I had passed 291.

    What's next for you?
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    This test is do-able, but yes you must know Dns inside and out, Spend about 20 hours just doing labs and toying with anything you can think of on dns. 20 is a low estimate, but thats what it took for me. I used two dc's and I assure you in the course of setting up a parent and a child domain you are likely to create alot of troublshooting scenario's from just trying to get it to work right.

    Word to the wise you can't get a stub zone to replicate to a server that host's the primary zone. Spent some time getting very aggravated at this (not much of a reason you would ever need this configuration, but I was testing out replication and a third Dns server would have done very nicely right here.

    RRas is I would say 30 + % of the test, and wsus to my surpise was almost as much as RRas. Dhcp is Simple, BUT Pay attention to detail with these questions.

    I did a month and a half of hard core lab's and passed on the first try, I can't remeber the score somewhere in the 700's its in this forum somewhere.
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    Next it onto upgrading the MCSA to a MCSA:Sec and working on MCSE:Sec.
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    congrats icon_cool.gif
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    Congrats, thanks for the exam breakdown :)

    Thanks to slinuxuzer for the breakdown/suggestions :)
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    Congrats and yeah thanks for the breakdown :) KICK ASS!!!
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