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Okay since i need the extra cash bad right now, i'm kind of considering getting back into web development. A few years ago i started to play with PHP, and i've known HTML/CSS for sometime now. The design side of things hasn't ever really been my forte but i think i can manage. I'm not looking to score any huge jobs, just a few dollars here or there. any suggestions on how i can get into this? I never really did any work for other people so i don't have a portfolio... and i think thats going to my biggest weak stop as far as trying to get a job.
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    You can start off doing something like helping acquaintances who have small businesses to establish a web site, do some work for your church/non profit organization of your choice, etc. for really cheap. Also, local organizations/small businesses that have web sites that are really lacking, you might be able to squeeze them for a few bucks a week to upgrade/update/maintain their website.

    Also, a good exercise would be to create your own website marketing your services. If you send a potential customer to your web site and they like what they see better than what they have currently... who knows.

    I wouldn't expect this to be a cash cow though, at least not a first.
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