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Hi all,
I just wondering , If i have a very big network. with more than 300 switches and routers. Sure we will use NMS(Either ciscoWorks or HP OpenView) to ease our lives. Now If we added a new network device, can the NMS detect it directly ? Or do we have to manually add the device in the NMS?
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    Depends on the software. You can map the network or manually add objects. I perfer to manually add them.
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    I run a batch job every night at midnight that scans (via both snmp and icmp) and detects all Cisco devices... so ciscoworks can do what you describe automatically.

    Even one better... if it's a device that isn't properly configured (ie, incorrect community strings), my report indicates a device failure in the snmp category.

    Here at Toyota Canada we run CiscoWorks and Orion, and the server guys use Openview. Openview is clearly awesome, as is Orion... but for the price, CW is great. So many options and reports... I love it.
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