Exam order 291 or 284 first?

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Hi Guys,

I have just pass my first microsoft exam 290 yesterday (score of 82icon_cool.gif, and will be doing the 270 in a couple of weeks.

Just need some advice on which exam to take first of my two final exams. The 291 or the 284(exchange 2003) first?

Seems logical to take the 291, but every one is scaring me by calling it the beast...



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    Well it's a difficult exam but i dont understand why, for me for some reason i can
    better understand for example Exchange 2003 then the topics tested on 291.

    But also in the field, trouble shooting planning supporting, this is the most difficult part
    in this business. But without using King of the hill PDF's you can learn for 6 months
    befor you pass this test. The problem is change theory into practise. But i would go
    for it 291 i mean. Or your job req. Exchange knowledge


    And an extra edit:

    The 70-284 focuses not about creating mailboxes, but how exchange goes within
    an networking environment. In other words 70-291 gives the background you need
    for 70-291. So i would strongly advice to pass the 70-291 first, Royal can you back me up
    with this advice????????
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    Personnaly I took the 284 first.
    I think there is no really a line to follow in the MS exam, but I prefered to keep the "The Beast" for the end.
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    Any exam you want to take.... doesn't matter what road you travel as long as you get there.
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    You might want to read ITDaddy's post here before you decide:


    Be sure and follow his cramsession link too.

    Good luck on whatever you decide. icon_cool.gif
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