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Can someone out there help me with topics that have high marks in the exam. I'm stuck but honestly want to get moving with my mcse exam. Want to write xp pro just this september. Please help


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    Hi, first a question. Are you from South Africa my brother?

    It's difficult to answer your question about which topics score the most points as Microsoft does not advertise this. They simply give you a list of objectives that you are suppoused to know like the back of your hand and you should be able to answer these. Are you new to computers/Microsoft exams? If so i have a recommendation, start with the MCDST/A+/N+, these will get you going and help you get the feeling of what is expected in these international exams. Plus, these straighten out all the little issues you may have in remembering certain topics and in my opinion will help in the long run, it should make the harder ones a little easier. Anyway, hope this answered your question, just learn,learn,learn...Don't worry about the points per question, you need to pass all the objectives to get certified.



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