Thank you guys!

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I somehow managed to pass my ccna today. 924. I know i havent had much of a presence here, but ive been lurking and such for awhile. Thanks to the whole forum. I will still be lurking around for the next cert.


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    Nice job, brother... and great score!
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    cnfuzzd wrote:
    I somehow managed to pass my ccna today. 924.

    I like how you put that...

    You didn't somehow manage to pass, as far as i'm concerned you creamed the exam...

    Congrats...icon_thumright.gif What's next for you?
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    :o NICE!
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    Good job on the pass! I'm sure you worked hard for it :)
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    Happy for You man.
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    I have heard from numerous sources that more people fail the CCNA composite the first time than do pass. If this is true, Techexams must have a lot of talent. But the tests are only getting harder, so we'll have to see everyone step it up a notch for pro certs.
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